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We are pledged to place our aspirants at the epitome of Bureaucracy

Kabir Vasanti Shekhar


From The Director’s Desk

After studying for competitive examinations for many years, being to Delhi and Pune; we come to the conclusion that there are many talented aspirants like yourself who desire to be the part of change which is talking place for a better India by contributing as Civil Servants. Although we have few institutes which provide such opportunities; after working few of such institutes in the capacity of lecturers we realized how they are playing with the aspirant’s life.
Banking on goodwill and brand name to justify the sub-par level of education and guidance while robbing young aspirants like you in the process of both money and invaluable time. Which could have been utilized to make a career for a lifetime. Getting fed-up of these institutes we have started this new venture which tries to provide the best quality guidance & education for Civil Services at par with premier institute anywhere in India.
We are dedicated to maintaining quality. We have the best infrastructure found, best facilities and most qualified and experienced faculties.We believe in the professionalism and accountability towards our students. We strive to provide best possible mentorship to beacons of change like you. We wish you success in all of your future endeavors.

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